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My fave pooch

Welcome to my blog.

I am a poet, a dog groomer, a writer/researcher and more recently a Betfair trader. A what? Yes, that’s what I said when I was first introduced to this interesting little game by a friend of mine who is doing ok at it and offered to teach me some Betfair basics! It’s not exactly easy, and it’s definitely pretty stressful at first. But it’s well worth it once I got the hang of a few trading methods and strategies. My friend has been mainly trading football and horse racing, using soccer stats for his selections which has a really nice display and makes it easy to pick obvious games for trading on the betting exchange. I have dabbled with football but I am being drawn more towards horse racing, mainly following the rules given in this fantastic article about the subject. I am making a few pounds here and there, all very small stakes for now, but I am learning quickly that there is a lot of money available here and it beats the hell out of working for a small company as I was doing until a few months ago.

I am also actively campaigning for free speech and civil liberties, not just for ourselves in the UK but for others in other countries who find it harder to say what they feel without fear of being attacked. I am also currently researching Rimadyl (a dog medicine, a harmful one at that). My main love if I had to pick one, is poetry. My one hate above all hates, is George Bush, or is it Tony Bliar? Or is it the bombing of innocent people by so-called civilised countries? Damn, it’s SO hard to choose these days. 😉

War is a crime – and we all know which criminals peddle the majority of it, the same ones who profit from it. Here’s a hint…

Tony Bliar

Here’s to all the free-thinking minds out there, we mustn’t be quiet when faced with evil all-around.




P.S. I would like to extend enormous gratitude to Dr. Paul Skvorc. Paul is a great friend and extremely knowledge scientist, who has shown huge commitment to this effort and to various similar pro-humanity and compassionate projects around the world. He is now retired but can be contacted via his blog at